Jack Coupe & Sons Ltd - Specialist Road Marking and Construction Services

About Us

Jack Coupe and Sons Limited is an extremely experienced and national-leading road markings solutions contractor with 30 years experience and providing professional and efficient services to a full range of local authority, government and private clients.

Jack Coupe and Sons Limited is a family run business and we believe in developing long standing relationships with our clients through consistently delivering a high level of customer service and quality workmanship. We aim to develop and offer friendly and efficient services to deliver targeted solutions to customers whilst achieving exact project requirements. Our workforce receive a high level of job specific training to both continue their professional development and build upon existing expertise and experience to ensure clients requirements are delivered.

Provision of training for the workforce is very important to Jack Coupe and Sons Limited and significant investment is made to develop and operate a structured training programme to allow work to be carried out to required quality and health and safety standards.

Jack Coupe & Sons Limited are active members of the RSMA (Road Safety Markings Association) and their health and safety officer provides regular health and safety consultancy. Regulation and quality inspections by recognised accreditation organisations of the road marking products manufactured at the Shildon depot ensure they meet the necessary performance standards and criteria.

Innovation is a core company value and investment in new technology is already yielding significant advantages to the services and brands currently on offer. New IT system ‘OTIS’ (office transfer information service) allows for more efficient communications between the client, management and the workforce by utilising computerised communications from a centralised hub.

In addition to our economic efficiency objectives, care of the environment is important to the company and OTIS has lowered our carbon emissions by reducing the amount of journeys made by the workforce to collect paperwork, with the majority of the ‘paperwork’ now sent electronically. The environmental impact of our road marking operations has also been lowered by the use of hydroblast technology to remove road markings. The hydroblast units use ultra high pressure water to remove markings as an alternative to the traditional method of burning off. Line removal is faster, cleaner and significantly quieter.

Jack Coupe and Sons Limited recognise all aspects of quality and service delivery rely on a trained and competent workforce who have suitable and reliable vehicles, plant and machinery. Fleet maintenance, plant repairs and inspections are carried out by an in-house maintenance team within our depot workshops. The recent investment in Euro 5 standard specialist road marking vehicles reinforces a responsible and committed approach to the environment and sustainability objectives.

Our Clients include county and city councils, contractors, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, international ports, naval bases, airports, factories, supermarkets, shopping centres and many other private customers.